Let’s spin some donuts.

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First of all what is obfuscated C right??

Obfuscation is a well-known term in software engineering. It is the concealment of written code purposefully by the programmer.It is mainly done for the purposes of security by making it obscure to avoid tampering, hide implicit values or conceal the logic used.

Now copy the below code into a file named .

             k;double sin()
,cos();main(){float A=
0,B=0,i,j,z[1760];char b[…

Read and explore the most common and most useful bash commands here.

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Did you know that the full form of BASH is Bourne Again SHell. In this post we’ll learn about bash which is a command line interface (CLI) and is the most widely used shell. This is mostly because most of the developers use LINUX. Now let’s hop right into learning the most common , the most basic yet the most useful bash commands.

  • ls — list the directory contents

is the most common command among the common commands. Many of the times, you would be working in…

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Hope you have read the previous part of this post. If not, here you go. Also, for you to grasp the content below, you have to have a strong understanding of data structures in Python.

Algorithms are rules or instructions that are formulated in a finite, sequential order to solve problems and get the required results. They give the pseudo-code for problems and can be implemented in several languages as they are not language-specific. Since these are the most useful things in the industry people look for individuals good at algorithms. Hope you learn a great deal here. …

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For solving real-world problems in coding, everyone is looking for runtime efficiency as well as resource efficiency.

A data structure is a data organization, management, and storage format that enables efficient access and modification. Knowing which data structures to be used for solving a current problem will increase the runtime and resource efficiency. For this reason, all the top industries and companies look for people with a strong understanding of data structures.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at today:

  • List
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries

The data structures in Python are modified forms of the basic data structures that use built-in structures…


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